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Postcard From Fascinating Krakow Poland

Hello from the gorgeous city of Krakow! I would have to describe it as a very wow city. The weather however is not so wow. Reminds me of London. Rain one minute, windy and overcast the next. It was impossible to pack right, but so far so good with jeans jacket with a...

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Awesome Victoria and Albert Museum Delights. Why Visit?

Victoria and Albert museum in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea area of London is in my book a must visit. I am kind of surprised at myself that it took this long to check it out! I just had no idea what we were missing. As they say, better late than never...

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New Home In Valencia Spain at last.

After our very long and intense search for a new place in Valencia, I'm happy to report that we found a really wonderful apartment to call home for the next year, maybe even more.  The saying "all things happen for a good reason" certainly applies here. We missed out...

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Is Beg-Packing Acceptable Or A Complete Disgrace?

Most readers of this blog already know my response to that question. My ire was raised by a recent discussion that was taking place on Facebook. I had never even heard of the term beg-packing prior to this, so it was enlightening to say the least. Beg-packers is the...

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