Here is the second in the series of flashback videos. In case you did not see the first video, it is here in Flashback Video – Montego Bay. This is the beach wedding of Ashley and Brian.  They had decided on a beach wedding in Jamaica when their wedding planning got out of control.

Their guest list had grown by leaps and bounds and was getting too unruly and costly. The decision was then made to  travel with the parents and bridal party. This way, the stress was reduced tremendously and they had a wonderful time in an all inclusive hotel.

They had their little boy along for the wedding as well. This couple had been together for almost ten years and finally decided to make it  official. It was our pleasure to to document their wedding. It was a very emotional day for the parents, especially the bride’ s mother. I suspected that she might have been waiting for that very day for a long time. I think no matter what they say, somewhere, parents always wish for their kids to be married in the eyes of the world, and not just living together in!  :o) . The bride wore a simple white dress and she looked very lovely. The groom was dressed casually, in shorts, shirt and sunglasses.

This beach wedding  was a simple and heartfelt ceremony. The minister was very efficient. You could tell he had done this a million of times, but he performed with gusto. They read their vows to each other and  the bride’s mother being so emotional made me teary eyed. I love weddings, l have to admit that. I am not crazy about long ceremonies, but the whole commitment thing, the joy of the day and the promise to stick with each other through thick and thin..,, can you not get emotional?

Anyway,  the images captured from this wonderful Jamaica beach wedding were edited into a video, another service we provide.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Does it bring back memories of your wedding?  Is a beach wedding the  sort of wedding you picture yourself having? Or are you more of a traditional bride who insists on the fairy tale church wedding?