Recently, C. at had a cost of living post which listed the prices of some common food. I promised to do the same thing so we could compare. I decided to get prices for most of the things he has listed so it would be an apples to apples comparison so to speak. The apartments come furnished here, right down to plates etc. It may not be to your liking in the older apartments, but hey..These prices are for modern flats.

Rent (2br, city center) $600  (I’ve rarely seen 1 bedroom, so l did 2)

Rent (2br, outside of center) $375

Rent (3br, center) $700

Rent (3br, outside of center) $575

Utilities for 2 people will run about $94, which includes electricity and water. Once you register yourself as a resident, it drops by an average of 25%. This is a recent occurrence and conform with the E.U rules. We are hoping our next bill will drop to about $70 as we have sent in our paperwork.

Internet plus phone : starts at $35.00 (30Mbps)

Mobile plans: from $27


Tomatoes (1kg): $1.15

Potatoes (1kg) $0.94

Lettuce (1 head) $0.81

Apples(1kg) $1.35

Oranges:(1kg) $1.40

Eggs (1 egg): $0.21

Chicken Breast (1kg): $5.40

Fresh Calamari (1kg): $16.21

Loaf of bread (500gm): $1.21

Milk (1 liter): $1.12

Bottle of Maltese Wine: $3.00

Better Wine/Italian: $6

Beer (.5l) : $1

Table water (6×1.5l) $2.40 (tap water here not good for drinking, just cooking)

Sangria Mix (2l) $2.70

Coke (.5l) $1.35

These prices are average for residents. The  van comes around daily selling fresh veggies. You may pay a bit more to begin, but once you patronize the same guy and they realize you are not a tourist, the price drops quite a bit.

As you can see, our cost of living is similar to his in Romania. The minimum wage here is just about €5/hour, with the average person making 800-1000 Euros per month. It is quite low compared to a lot of other E.U. Nations. This explains why is is one of the top retirement spots, especially for the British people.