Meet Federico and Kemkem: About Us

The are our stories of how we got from there (U.S) to here (Malta) to here (Spain), slow traveling through Europe and beyond.

Kemkem’s story:

about us

I grew up in Africa, and moved to the States as a teenager. My first years were spent in Boston and l attended college there. Four years after graduation, l moved to Los Angeles where l lived there for 19 years. I met Federico in L.A and we moved to Houston a short while later. We were there for six years. I worked as a pharmacist from many, many, many years.

Federico’s story:


I was born and raised in Rome, Italy. My profession for the past twelve years has been as a freelance professional photographer. I moved to Melbourne Australia from Rome, and have had the good fortune to work with some great fashion photographers, both there and in Los Angeles. I started out as a fashion, editorial style photographer, but have since expanded to include other forms, such as Landscape and wedding coverage.

Our Story:

A family tragedy made us realize that life is short. Our dream had always been to travel, not get trapped in the traditional mode of work till 65, then retire and travel. Somehow, we had gotten lost along the way. So, we basically sold everything (everyone always says that :-) ) and decided to make our base somewhere in Europe so we could travel more since the countries were so close. We ended up in Malta, and lived there for a year and half. We moved to Spain, and are currently based in the beautiful Andalusian city of Seville. This blog documents our travels, where we go, what we eat, where we stay and our opinions.

Where you fit in:

We hope our travels inspire you to get out there and see more of the world. While this is not always possible for many, we would still like you to be an armchair traveler and live vicariously through us. Journey with us as we take our next bite of life. Sign up for our newsletter and make sure you don’t miss new posts on the blog.

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