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As l grow older, health, specifically good health becomes more of a priority, I am fascinated by how people face challenges that are thrown in their path on their way to old age. My recent chat with Anthony about his partner’s early-onset diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and how they do their love on the run, having chosen to fight as best as they could is truly inspiring at every level. 

Love on the run fighting Alzheimer’s

Anthony and his partner Catherine have been running marathons as a way to keep Alzheimer’s at bay for almost eight years now and continue to do so. When faced with challenges, everyone reacts differently.

Most people’s natural instinct tends to be resignation and woe is me attitude. Anthony and Catherine´s instinct was to figure out a way to cope, move past the bad news, and go on with their former lives as much as possible.

Tony Copeland in blue shirt against an L.A background with palm trees and outside tables in Love on the run post
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Tony enjoying some Los Angeles weather in between different marathons.

Highlights of the love on the run podcast:

  • How they met originally, and what solidified their union.
  • Catherine training him to run his very first marathon (the 26.2 mile long Boston marathon no less) in months!.
  • Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s emerging, both in everyday life and at work. What he noticed, and what they noticed at work.
  • His heart valve diagnosis, monitoring for two years, and eventual decision to have surgery.
  • Her concurrent diagnosis and having to care for each other in 2014.
  • How being a pilot used to making big decisions on the fly helped see them through the rough times.
  • Choosing early retirement for both of them.
  • Their decision was to sell the house and all their belongings and become nomads.
  • Running marathons and half-marathons all over the world.
  • Their favorite city so far that they could see themselves settling down in.
  • How they choose their destinations around marathons.
  • Meeting people from all walks of life, and making friends on different continents.
  • How they structure continued healthcare for Catherine.
  • A clinical drug trial and the end result.
  • How the diagnosis has brought them closer since they spend all their time together.
  • How running helps her with coping mechanisms and how it’s overall effects.
  • Where they were when the lockdown happened, being stuck for a month and ultimately chartering a flight to come back to the states.
  • Regrouping, and starting out again.
  • Using the downtime to complete their book about their lives, a part memoir, part medical update, and travel stories.
  • Why getting your finances in order should be a priority as one ages.
  • Advice for others who face difficult challenges and how to handle them, including this one particular piece of advice that others give that one should not listen to.

Listen to the love on the run podcast here:

Or watch the video here:

You can find their book, “Running all over the world” on Amazon here.

You can also keep up with Tony and Cat on Twitter or on their website

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love on the run. pic of couple in front of team maggies banner with purple tee shirts
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Always running with Cat, and finishing hand-in-hand.

I really enjoyed my interview with Anthony, a true gentleman and stand-up guy in my opinion. His love for Catherine is evident. They are a perfect match, and l think they were destined to meet from listening to their meet-cute story. They continue to lead rich lives and do not regret their decision.

Currently, they are living in San Diego, at least for the next couple of months, then on to yet unknown parts of the world to run more marathons, finish hand-in-hand as always, and keep fighting the good fight. How could you not admire that?

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